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The aim of the European learning partnership "Information and communication technology empowerment for fifty-year-olds +", "ict50+" for short, is to develop and test methods and didactics for the (re)design of courses to empower those aged 50 + to use information and communication technology as a way of gaining greater control over the factors that influence their lives.

In particular, the idea is to:

  • Share guides, practices, techniques and any relevant documentation.

  • Share approaches to stimulate ICT interest among seniors.

  • Develop courses that empower seniors to use the Internet for the purposes they choose; like health promotion, language, culture or leisure time activities and to promote cross-cultural communication 

  • Design gendered IT courses for women and men 

  • Encourage social interaction and inclusion among seniors
This project is being supported by the European Community within the SOKRATES programme by a funding for a GRUNDTVIG project. The whole resposibility for the content is with the partners of the project alone. The project does not in any way reflect the opinion of the European Commission.

You can find detailed information on the project homepage at

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